Friday, October 4, 2013

Home with Annie

Annie is 1 week old!

Going home :) Even though she's our third, leaving with her was no less terrifying!

First Family Picture! On our way home from the hospital we went to Grandma's house to pick up the girls. We cut through downtown Fredericksburg and took Princess Anne Street :)

The only way I can think to describe our life is BUSY. There is always something to be done...or someone who needs something! I have to say it's been pretty great so far. Being busy makes the days go by pretty quickly. Weirdly enough, I'm not too exhausted. I go to bed around 8-ish and sleep until 11-ish before getting up to pump. I'm back in bed until Anne wakes around 2-ish. After her feeding we lay together and sleep until 5-6 and then I'm up for the day! Annie is still in the sleepy stage, so during the day she's mostly asleep. I don't really feel the need to nap, but I have a couple times.

At her first appointment on 9/27 she weighed 7 lbs 9 oz. When we took her back on Tuesday she was up to 7 lbs 15 oz, so she's right on track. She's eating between 2-4 ounces. My milk came in and every day I'm pumping more and more. I have a good stash in the fridge and today I was able to freeze 40 ounces! Postpartum healing has been quick! I haven't needed Tylenol in a few days and my bleeding has stopped.

I had no idea the girls would be so welcoming to her! Audrey is in LOVE. She's always looking at Annie, singing to her, wanting to be apart of whatever she's doing. Abigail- oh my goodness!! She loves holding Annie. She gets the most amazed look on her face. Her voice gets all high and she "baby talks" to Annie and I usually make out the word "cute" in there somewhere :)

She's smelling her toes, lol!
This picture is so typical- Abby is doing something she's not supposed to be doing, Audrey looks exasperated by her, lol.

Abby says, "Can I hold 'em?"

First wellness check

3 days new!

First trip to Target!

Welcome home, sweet Annie!