Wednesday, March 4, 2009


She is starting to enjoy her toys! Her play mat has a sun that lights up and plays music...she just stares at it and smiles. She also likes her mirror. Every once in awhile she'll bat at one of the overhead toys and when it makes a noise she'll look over at it. It's pretty cool to watch her explore!

I put together her excersaucer knowing that it probably was way too much for her..but I was curious to see how she liked it.

She seemed to enjoy it for a few minutes, then I got the infamous pout...

So strong!

This kid is ridiculously strong for her age. Her new favorite thing is to stand straight up when you're trying to burp her:

she starts sitting down, but it's not long until..

...she springs up to action!

And she rolled over again yesterday morning during tummy time. TWICE!