Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to work and Things I Don't Want to Forget

I had an awesome summer. I could have definitely used another 2 weeks, though :) There's nothing better than being able to spend these last few weeks with my precious girls!


When you tell Abigail that she needs a diaper, she turns and walks straight into her room and goes to her changing spot.

When we ask her, "How old are you?" She puts up her pointer finger and says, "One!"

She seems to like puzzles more and more. She'll sit and do them by herself, then bring them to me, looking so proud!

She has mastered the lock on my iPod. She knows to touch the button on the bottom to turn the screen on...then she figured out how to swipe the screen to unlock it. I finally had to put a password on it (at first I used 0000 and she magically figured it out. I know, she's smarter than me.)

She's crazy in the bath. I'll pretend to leave and then she'll stand up...when I pop my head back in she sits down right away and laughs, lol. Rotten :)

She's becoming more and more a Daddy's Girl. When he's home she just wants to be up on the couch, crawling all over him.

Giving Dad a kiss goodnight :)

Ghost baby

She's a bully. She will take out her frustrations by pulling Audrey's hair or hitting her. We just tell her, "Be NICE!" and we show her how to nicely touch Audrey. She repeats, "Niiiiice," and pets Audrey, lol. What's kind of weird is that when she pulls Audrey's hair, she'll grab a fistful of her own at the same time and smile...WHAT?! I always thought I'd have to worry about Audrey being gentle with the baby...boy was I wrong!

They do play nicely together sometimes!!

Audrey loves using big words. She'll say she's disappointed or frustrated. She describes things as being marvelous, magnificent, and gorgeous. She'll tell me that something is ridiculous. Her newest phrase is, "Oh mom/dad, that's embarassing!" She's living proof that if you simply use bigger words around a kid, they'll pick them right up.

She's been building amazing things all summer...she has different names for them; sometimes it's a birthday party, other times it's a carnival. Or a picnic. Or a celebration. I need to start taking pictures....she uses all sorts of toys (princesses, Lala Loopsy dolls, Hello Kitty figurines) positioned on building blocks or giant Legos or mini cardboard books that have been stacked into a large tower. She's incredibly patient...when something (or someone) falls, she doesn't get the least bit discouraged. She loves doing this is her room with the door closed so that Godzilla (aka Abby) doesn't interfere.

She loves to draw. She mostly draws rainbows and happy face people. Once I drew her a plain smiley face and she added a nose, "so he can breathe!" LOL

She likes to sit in her bed at night and read for a few minutes. I leave and she calls me back in when she's done. I tuck her in with her blanket, water, and whatever toys she's sleeping with (currently it's Hello Kitty and 4 small Disney princesses.) As I'm walking out the door she jumps out of bed and runs to me for "one more hug and kiss!" Of course I make a HUGE deal about how sweet she is and she just glows :)

She and I had a girl's day out a couple weeks ago. We had breakfast at Panera, did a bunch of shopping for new school clothes (for me and her!) and got haircuts. It was so wonderful to spend time with her and we're going to do it every year to celebrate going back to school.

I swear the summer goes by way too fast. I'm going to miss the fact that my hardest decision throughout the day is which book to read next or what to make for dinner, lol. Gone are the days where I'm only thinking of my own babies- tomorrow I'll be meeting 20+ new babies to fret over 24/7! I am SO excited to meet my new kiddos, though! I moved back to second grade (and hopefully I'll get to loop up to 3rd again.) I'm on the school SIP team and taking over as CAMP Coordinator (mentor program to our new teachers.) So...yeah it's going to be a very crazy & busy new year with all the changes going on. I'm ready!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Abigail Mae is 15 months old! (Almost 16!)

Maybe it's her size, maybe it's her personality...but it seems like she is so much older!

Check up info: She's 24 lbs and 31 inches long. Perfect in every way! It seems that she's gone from being in the 90th percentile down to the 75th.

Words: Mama, Dada, that, fishes (sounds like "shishs" and she says it when she sees yummy Goldfish crackers, lol), up, Ri (for "Riley, Grandma's dog), No. She's very good at repeating our words and sounds and has even said "Audrey" very clearly!

She knows a few body, eyes, nose, mouth, belly, toes.

She eats extremely well, anything we give her. I was pleasantly surprised when we went on vacation...she was willing to try everything. When I'm making her something I'll tell her that it's time to eat or I'll ask, "Are you hungry? Want some food?" and she goes right to her chair and says, "Up!"

She has a great routine. She wakes anywhere from 7-8 but it's hard to tell because she is perfectly content to stay in her crib and play until we go get her. She naps 12-2 (often until 3.) She's in bed between 7-8. She continues to be an amazing sleeper. I put her in the crib and turn on her sea horse and ocean sounds (the ocean sounds play all night.) I don't hear a peep from her until morning. I go in to peek at her before I go to bed and she likes to cuddle up with her blanket.

Nothing gets past her. She is insanely perceptive. She cannot be fooled. I think she's going to give us a run for our money, lol.

She is still a pistol, a firecracker, a force to be reckoned with. When something displeases her she is not afraid to show it. This makes it very hard to discipline her (and with her only being 15 months I use the term "discipline" very loosly!) When we're stern with her she smiles (and sometimes laughs) at us. WTF?!? She doesn't really take us seriously and she'll go on doing whatever it is she wants to do (standing on the couch, climbing and sitting on top of the coffee table, opening drawers/cabinets, touching things she's not supposed to, etc.) I'm pretty much at a loss on how to get her to adhere to and understand limits. I swear this is payback for having it so easy with Audrey :) For now distraction is the best technique...removing her from a situation. It's not always easy (she forgets nothing!) and it's not always convenient, but usually it works.

We've been so careful to not use the word "No" with both girls for fear that it would be quickly thrown back in our faces. Worked like a charm with Audrey! She never tells us no...she might tell us that she doesn't want to do something, but she's so sweet about it! Abigail not only tells us, "Uh-uh!" but she's starting to say "No," having learned that word from Audrey. She's strong-willed and I'm thinking that is actually something I love about her.

She can't get onto the couch by herself yet. This pisses her off royally.

People weren't kidding when they said that the girls would be different. They are different in every way, except for sleep. Audrey despises food, Abigail will eat anything. Audrey is compliant, Abigail is defiant. Audrey is blonde, Abigail is brunette (lol.) But seriously, they are very different and I can only hope they learn to accept and respect each other's differences...eventually :)

She is so squishy and adorable and I'm overcome with love for her. Sometimes I can't control myself from smothering her with tickles and kisses because she's just the most delicious baby!!