Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break Day 4

Day 4?! Already?! Well all the other weeks seem to fly by, why should Spring Break be any different?

We had a nice, easy, fun morning. Abigail and I stayed in our PJs. Audrey was dressed as soon as I got her out of bed, lol. She immediately put on her 3D glasses and pulled out the Dora microphone.

Abigail's newest craze is going back and forth in the opening of the living room table.

It's getting hard for Audrey because she still likes to build her towers and arrange picnics/parties and stage her little figurines. Abigail just wants to ruin everything :) She will only be distracted by other toys for so long. Luckily Audrey is pretty good natured about it and seems to understand that Abby is just a baby. Nevertheless, thank goodness the nice weather is here. We went out in the backyard for the first time :)

This is Audrey's perfect slide- short!

Taking steps!

Falling down

All she wanted to do was crawl around in the grass (creeps me out!) I'm actually glad she'll be walking around come summertime :)

I got some laundry done, the junk drawer cleaned out and I started making Abby's birthday sign. We had a nice dance party in the living room while I cooked a yummy dinner (thanks, Pinterest!) I'm sad that tomorrow is Friday :(