Friday, February 5, 2010


We are getting hit hard with a ton of snow! As I was heading home with Audrey yesterday afternoon, school was already cancelled for today. It started snowing early this afternoon, but didn't start sticking until around 4:00. According to FB, many neighborhoods up north are losing power. Chris completely prepared for this...he picked up a generator from his parents and did all the grocery shopping (he forgot to get any kind of chocolate though, so I made a quick trip...crisis averted!)

I can't tell you how ELATED I am about having all this time to spend with Audrey. I just love these snow days! I'm not sure when we'll be going back to school, but hopefully we use 4 more snow days (if we use 10 in a school year, we don't have to make them in losing Spring Break or extending the school year.) I have to say, I do miss my kids a lot. Seeing them on Thursday (after 6 days!) was so great, tons of hugs and smiles. I hope they're enjoying this time in the snow!

I forgot to update about Audrey's dr appt last Friday. Her iron level looks good, but they suggest keeping her on it for another month. As for her back, it's definitely eczema. We started putting cortisone on it and for the first few days it looked WORSE. But now it has really cleared up! In fact, it's hard to tell where exactly to put the cream anymore :) She has tried (and liked) a few new foods this week; pizza (she'll nibbles off of mine!), potatoes, and turkey. We also tried these broccoli fries and she didn't hate them! She actually munched on them until they were really gooey, so I don't think she really "ate" them.

She just loves walking around with no clothes on, lol.

I love her expression in this picture!

Camera shy

She stayed in her PJs all day!

And here is one benefit of letting her have her own kitchen cabinet:

This keeps her busy for quite awhile!