Friday, April 1, 2011


Phew! I got a ton of info at yesterday's appt. First Dr K looked at my blood sugar numbers. The insulin has helped my morning numbers come down to the upper 90's, but we still need them to be below 90 so I'm now taking 26 units each night (which will probably increase as the pregnancy progresses.) He wrote me a rx for more syringes and insulin. Then we talked about seeing a perinatologist. He's referring me so that they can get a really good look at how big this baby is. I'll see them sometime next week, maybe twice before I deliver. But starting next week I have to see the sonographer and the dr weekly. The sonographer will do a biophysical profile on the baby. It takes about 30 minutes and they're basically just evaluating amniotic fluid levels, fetal breathing movements, heart rate, etc. The BP will probably have me all anxious until it's done (they score the baby in each category...scores freak me out.) And now that the baby will be looked at very closely, I can't help but be nervous that someone will let the baby's sex slip...I'm 110% hell bent on being surprised and my goodness, we've waited this long!! I'm tempted to listen to my ipod until it's all over :) Afterwards I'll meet with Dr K for the normal check up.

He told me something I did not know about babies born to moms w/GD...their lungs develop at a slightly slower rate. This just means that they will try to leave him/her in there until at least 39 weeks (yaaay!!) Even if the baby is very large, a healthy baby is obv the most important. He also thinks I'll be able to delivery vaginally but assured me that a C-section is not the end of the world and recovery is not as bad as I'm imagining.

And more big news...he thinks we'll be inducing at 39 weeks. By then lungs should be totally fine and he's hoping to prevent the baby from becoming too large. We looked at the calendar and May 7th is a Saturday. He said to consider a May 3rd induction (he's on call Tuesdays and really wants to be present for delivery this time!) I'm not sure how I feel about inductions. I really like the idea of going on my own, but then again it totally takes the stress away of having surprise water breakage while I'm conducting a reading group :) I'm secretly hoping to hold until May 4th (Audrey Hepburn's b-day!)

So, I feel pretty good after yesterdays appointment. I got a lot of info which I was hoping for. With the May 3rd date in mind I have a nice little bit of time to get things done and hopefully relax a bit before the big day!