Saturday, March 30, 2013

13 weeks! And Things I Don't Want to Forget

Bye bye, 1st tri!

12 weeks

I feel like I'm on the upswing. I'm still majorly tired. I still can't bring myself to get up extra early like I used to. I still crash as soon as the girls are in bed and I still nap when they do. I get dizzy when I stand up. I can't wait for my energy to return because our house is a mess and there's tons of laundry to be done! Despite having a few snow days in March, I've been pretty useless!

I went to breakfast with my mom and sister a couple weeks ago and I had my first cup of coffee! It just sounded really good all of sudden, and it was! But I haven't been able to bring myself to have it regularly. Hopefully soon. My cravings are all over the place. Basically, I'll get something in my head and then I'll have to have it (hello, Easter candy!)

On Wednesday I saw the perinatologist for the NT screening. I was so nervous! I got weighed (130 lbs) and had my blood pressure taken, then answered some questions. During the ultrasound, the tech spent a good 10-15 minutes checking out the baby and getting measurements. It was exciting to see that he/she actually looks like a baby now :) The doctor came in and said everything looked great. I then saw the genetic counselor who asked a bunch of family history questions, then I had a blood test (it was just a finger prick but it hurt like a son of a bitch!) He should be calling me Monday with the results.

My blood sugar levels were starting to creep up into the 90s in the mornings, so I called Dr K and he upped my insulin to 8 units twice a day. But he said that overall my numbers are great and he feels like I'm managing well. I see him on Tuesday so he can see how the new dosage is working out.

Things I Don't Want to Forget:

Abigail is speaking so well! One of my faves is, "Thank you, Momma!" Last weekend she cracked us up at dinner when she copied Audrey and said, "Stop it, TJ!" She actually just started saying his name (the girls LOVE him and Steph!) She's counting to 10 and saying her ABC's (with help!) She sings Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It's very hard not to eat her face off- she's so freaking CUTE!! She's going to be 2 next month, so party planning has begun!

Audrey is getting her big girl bed this week. She went a whole week without going on the Manner Mat at school, so that's what Chris promised her (actually, it's been 3 weeks straight!). She is driving me crazy with her constant competition with Abigail. The other day she actually bragged that her car window was down further than Abby's. REALLY?!? I think it's normal, but I'm not sure how to deal with it. Other than that, she is the happiest 4 year old I know and every moment with her is such a joy.

We are aching for warm weather. I need to get out and do some walking in the sunshine. Audrey wants to ride her bike, sit in the green stroller "next to Abby", and taste honeysuckles. I want excuses to give my kids extra minutes of recess and I want to drive with the windows down. I haven't been able to do the girls' Easter pics yet, and Mom Maw sent them the cutest dresses! I am soooo done with Winter! I am thrilled that I get to enjoy my 2nd tri in beautiful Spring (3rd tri in the Summer is another story, lol.)