Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Christmas List

It's funny how your wish list changes when you have a child. Almost everything I would like involves Audrey:

*picture frames from BBB (the ones where you can slide out the pictures, which makes it super easy to change them often)
*one of those cool level thingies that help you mark where you want to hang photos and shelves
*a Sham Wow & a Shark (for cleaning up the trail of puffs and juice and drool)
*a big, fluffy bathrobe for the days we don't change out of our PJs
*Therma scarf (it has pockets which inevitably end up filled with baby stuff)
*a heated throw (I would say this is for snuggling with Audrey...but let's be totally honest, it's for staying warm while watching Audrey play)
*a new memory card for my camera (because I took over 9,000 pictures of Audrey's first year and I'm pretty sure I'll surpass that amount during her 2nd)
*a Smart Mom teething necklace (because I really, really want to preserve the pretty necklaces Christopher has bought me over the years)

What I am looking forward to most of all is seeing Audrey unwrap all of her gifts. While this is not her FIRST Christmas, it is certainly much, much different than last year. It is our first Christmas home as a family :)