Thursday, April 28, 2011

Water has broken....I think!

So, I'm about to wake up Chris for the 3rd time tonight...Around 11:30 I felt a small gush and I swear I thought I peed myself. I woke up Chris but he assured me that since I'm not having contractions that my water didn't break. says differently! I waited awhile and wouldn't you know, a slow and steady leak...I woke him up again (after calling my SIL to FREAK OUT!) and told him I was calling the OB line. "Ok, just let me know...I'll be waiting for the good news!" And back to sleep he went, lol. They want me to come in...I just finished packing my bag, Audrey's bag and tidying up. I'm in shock and denial but at the same time SO FREAKING EXCITED!

We may have a baby tomorrow :)