Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer is so close!

The school year has flown by! I wanted to take some time to write before the break.

Audrey- she is sad that school is winding down ("Does it have to end?") My sweet little scholar. She loves everything about school (except P.E.- just like her momma!) Kindergarten was an amazing time for her. She loves her teachers, her friends, and learning. She was accepted into FOCUS for next year and we're very excited for her; she needs that extra outlet for her creativity. Her motivation for learning is pretty astounding. She's constantly looking for something to read or write or create. I love seeing her thrive, but seeing her so happy and engaged and enthusiastic...that's the best!

But, hello mouth! Lately she's gained some sass! I'll tell her to do something and I get, "I AM!" or an exasperated, "OKAY!" Ummmm, what?!? Or if she really wants something, she won't let up. First comes the begging ("Please? With a cherry on top?"- I tell her that I HATE cherries.) Then comes the "I'm going to slowly walk towards the drawer/cabinet/closet and in very slow motion go for the candy/snack/item that I want while looking straight into your eyes and smiling" move. I don't know. I guess since she's always been so good about being told "no", this comes as a sudden surprise. We'll deal. I can tell she's struggling with expressing her wants while trying to please us. Sweet girl!

Abigail- our spitfire! I think she'll be happy for the summer break. Like me...I love school, but I love home, too! She is so imaginative.. when she is singing and dancing, she hears and sees NOTHING. She's in her zone. I can't wait to see what she does in her first recital this year. She's unpredictable, which is part of her charm.

Talking to her can be infuriating, lol. You might have to ask her the same question 5 times before she'll answer. She basically only talks about what she wants to. Or, even better, you think whatever you're saying to her is really sinking in...then she responds with something COMPLETELY off topic (usually something she was talking about or doing just moments before.) Le sigh.

So we have one back-talker and one non-listener. Awe. Some.

That brings us to Anne, the favorite. Just kidding! Maybe.

There is not a day that goes by where I don't think to myself, "Thank God we had her!" Honestly- thank the Heavens above that we were blessed with this darling girl. I remember being so scared about having a third child and then wanting so badly for it to be a girl. Anne is more than we could ever ask for.

She is talking up a storm! My favorite? She says her sisters names SO clearly. "Aud-dee! Ab-bee!" Swoon! At mealtimes she'll say, "Aud-dee! Wanna bite?" "Ab-bee! Wanna bite?" She's starting to sing more of "Let it Go." She'll ask to "go outside?" and "get down?" She says, "I want cack-ah (cracker)" and "I poo (pooped.)"

Sometimes on the drive to school I'll say, "Raise your hand if you're going to have an awesome day!" or "Raise your hand if you're going learn new things today!" Of course this was directed at the big girls, but one day Annie started chiming in...she raises her hand and says, "Meeeeee!" She cracks us up.

She can be so bashful. I love how she'll bring her fists up below her chin and squeeze herself when people address her. She's so cuddly. She lets me rock her for a few minutes before bed. Then she sits up, looks at me and says, "Night night!" Grandma taught her how to wink ;) She loves carrying around a blanket (draped around her shoulders super-hero style.)

We think she likes animals more than people! Staci recently brought her to Field Day and she did not like all the kids coming up to her and touching her (I get it!) But man can she love on some doggies! She's so gentle and sweet with Grandma's dogs. Smaller dogs make her laugh and she loves watching them run all around her (she really loves throwing the ball for them!)

I'm extra excited about this summer because our new house will be under construction! We made our selections but currently I'm backtracking and considering a white kitchen. I think I've been watching too much HGTV! I plan on watching a lot more of it this summer as I purge and pack for the big move!

Thank goodness for summer break. It's so awesome to have time with my girls and reflect on the school year (and start planning for the new one!) I'm so excited for a fun, productive summer!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Abigail Mae is FOUR year old!

She is incredible. Smart, sweet, and sassy. Independent and headstrong. She has so many qualities that are going to be so beneficial to her when she's all grown up...but make it a bit challenging at times to be her parent ;)

Abby is now our early riser. She loves snuggling with me on the couch first thing. She is pretty good in the mornings but will occasionally grumble about going to school. If she's staying home with dad, she gets upset when I leave. If it's dad's day to take her to school, she gets upset that I'm not there to get her ready. Those are some rough mornings and I feel so bad for her (and Chris!) She's just a big time Momma's girl. When I ask her about it, she says, "I just love/miss you too much!" Love her.

She's so imaginative...she loves to dance around and sing. Still very much a selective listener, lol. She gets into the zone and does her own thing.

Bedtime is probably the only time of day I get SUPER frustrated with her. She gets out of bed 1,000 times. She needs a drink, a story, a snack (I'm still hungry!), to tell us she loves us, to give us one more hug & kiss...etc. We end up walking her back a trillion times each night and usually she's asleep about an HOUR after she originally went to bed. I try not to talk to her or give her any attention when I walk her's all business. I do tuck her in (oh how I wish I could strap her down!!) and kiss her and tell her, "I love you." Because I know she won't always do this. It actually calms me to pick her up, have her lay her head on me, and squeeze her as I walk her back. I won't always be able to do that, and what if this is the last time? What if tomorrow she starts staying in her bed? A part of me will miss the 30 seconds I get of holding her, kissing her, tucking her in. I can suck it up.

I often wonder how she can be SO different from Audrey. But I find that they really compliment each other. Where one is easy, the other is more challenging. They keep us on our toes and there is never a dull moment.

She loves school, her teacher, and her friends. But I honestly can't wait until she's in Kindergarten with ME. Having Audrey with me is such a joy. I hate to wish time away, but I'm just so excited! She has a whole year of preschool, thankfully it's at a place we all love!

She's perfected the teenage scowl!

She doesn't like to be told no, and she doesn't always handle it well. I think she's a little bit immature in that aspect. We're working on it! You never know how she'll react. Sometimes she stomps and cries and yells. Other times she'll say, "Ok!" and be perfectly happy. I'm up for the challenge. I always win ;)

Abby loves dance class. Such a difference from just a few months ago when I had to push her in and close the door! A few weeks ago I told her we were skipping class because she'd had a small cough just the day before. She insisted that we go. We did and she was absolutely fine. I love her spirit. I am so curious to see how she'll do at recital. She's really looking forward to soccer this summer. I can't wait to see her in the pool. She's so determined, I know she'll be a little fish! Because she is so different from Audrey, seeing her do new things is very exciting!

One of the best things about Abby is how she treats Anne. She is just the most incredible big sister! She is kind, patient, very tolerant. I love watching them interact. She really enjoys teaching Annie new things. Such a sweetheart!

Every single day I look at her and realize how lucky I am to be her mom. She is beyond amazing and I love watching her grow. Our beautiful little Abigail Mae is such a blessing.