Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a great day! (As Audrey loves to say!)

The girls woke up before Chris, so I brought them in to wake him up (I made Audrey cover her eyes so she didn't see the big surprise that the Easter Bunny left!) Chris brought them out and they loved their new wagon!

Strong baby was pushing around her big sister in the wagon!

The girls also got Easter cards from Nana. They can't wait to do some shopping :) After Abigail's morning nap we headed to Grandma's house. The girls had an egg hunt and dyed eggs. They loved it all!

Next year Abigail will be running around, too!

They loved being pulled by the golf cart!

I kept filling up the blue egg with puffs. Abby would open the egg, eat them, then give me back the empty egg to refill. So funny- and smart!

Grandma heard Abigail say "bubbles"!!

We met my family at Cheeseburger for dinner. Chris and I were so full so we just had drinks and shared some yummy wings. We got home just in time for bed- we were all exhausted. It was a wonderful Easter!