Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Baby Burns!

I knew in my heart that there would be a third child to complete our family...I just didn't know it would happen so soon!


Feb 4-8 All week I try really hard to enjoy my morning coffee. By the end of the week I can’t even stand the thought of it. Flashback to my 1st trimester with Audrey (major coffee aversion!) Holy crap. Am I pregnant? When was my last period? Oh man.

Feb 9th: Took a test. Surprise! BFP. Happy dance/freak out mode. Find out later that night that my little sister is pregnant! Tell Chris (rather, Chris takes one look at me and asks, “Are you pregnant?”) His reaction was better than the first two times, lol. He is beyond thrilled, immediately puts me at ease. Love him.

Feb 14th: Dr appointment. Audrey comes along, looks at the sonogram and says, “That is one cute baby!” Heard and saw the heartbeat (WOW!) Weighed 127 lbs. I’m 7w 1d, due Oct 2nd.

Feb 21st: Back to the dr because I started testing my blood sugar and my numbers were high. Put on 6 units of insulin at night. Blood drawn for AC1 test.

Feb 25th: Blood test came back normal (yay!) Put on 4 units of insulin in the am. Another ultrasound (8w 4d.)

I had a few days of feeling nauseated until the extra B6 kicked in. The only symptoms I have now are exhaustion and major bloat (sadly, I busted out the maternity pants this week!) I definitely have to eat several times throughout the day. I cannot wait until my aversion to coffee is over (although frozen coffee I don’t mind!)

Once again I’m pregnant with my sisters! This time it’s my sister and my sister in law (both first babies!) So funny how it keeps working out that way. It will definitely be an exciting August/September/October ☺

It’s still very early (I'm 10w), but news got out pretty fast. Chris told everyone (EVERYONE) right away, lol. I let a few people at work know because mornings were a bit rough for me and I was taking off a few afternoons to see the dr. And of course, Audrey knows so it was bound to get out amongst the preschool crew, lol. I'll wait a couple more weeks to tell the FB world and my students.

Baby Burns number 3 is on the way! I’m so ready to rock this last pregnancy!