Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I told my kids!!

I WISH I had recorded their reactions...it was so funny! At the end of the day I gave each table group a brown bag. Inside were the cut up words, "Mrs. Burns is having a baby!" I told them that I had a special message for them and that to find out what it was they had to work as a table group to put the words in a sentence. It took about 5 seconds! There were gasps, teary eyes, grins, shock. Emma came up and rubbed my belly....Christopher gave me a hug. The rest of the kids jumped up and down and held hands. 

I was overwhelmed & touched by their reactions...they were so excited! I love them so much and I'm so happy I shared the news with them. Luckily there were no scary questions, "How do you get pregnant?" or "Where do babies come from?" I knew better and told them during the last 10 minutes of school ;) It feels more real now that I've told them. They are such a huge, wonderful part of my life, and it was hard keeping it a secret!! 

For reals??

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