Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Abigail Mae is 15 months old! (Almost 16!)

Maybe it's her size, maybe it's her personality...but it seems like she is so much older!

Check up info: She's 24 lbs and 31 inches long. Perfect in every way! It seems that she's gone from being in the 90th percentile down to the 75th.

Words: Mama, Dada, that, fishes (sounds like "shishs" and she says it when she sees yummy Goldfish crackers, lol), up, Ri (for "Riley, Grandma's dog), No. She's very good at repeating our words and sounds and has even said "Audrey" very clearly!

She knows a few body, eyes, nose, mouth, belly, toes.

She eats extremely well, anything we give her. I was pleasantly surprised when we went on vacation...she was willing to try everything. When I'm making her something I'll tell her that it's time to eat or I'll ask, "Are you hungry? Want some food?" and she goes right to her chair and says, "Up!"

She has a great routine. She wakes anywhere from 7-8 but it's hard to tell because she is perfectly content to stay in her crib and play until we go get her. She naps 12-2 (often until 3.) She's in bed between 7-8. She continues to be an amazing sleeper. I put her in the crib and turn on her sea horse and ocean sounds (the ocean sounds play all night.) I don't hear a peep from her until morning. I go in to peek at her before I go to bed and she likes to cuddle up with her blanket.

Nothing gets past her. She is insanely perceptive. She cannot be fooled. I think she's going to give us a run for our money, lol.

She is still a pistol, a firecracker, a force to be reckoned with. When something displeases her she is not afraid to show it. This makes it very hard to discipline her (and with her only being 15 months I use the term "discipline" very loosly!) When we're stern with her she smiles (and sometimes laughs) at us. WTF?!? She doesn't really take us seriously and she'll go on doing whatever it is she wants to do (standing on the couch, climbing and sitting on top of the coffee table, opening drawers/cabinets, touching things she's not supposed to, etc.) I'm pretty much at a loss on how to get her to adhere to and understand limits. I swear this is payback for having it so easy with Audrey :) For now distraction is the best technique...removing her from a situation. It's not always easy (she forgets nothing!) and it's not always convenient, but usually it works.

We've been so careful to not use the word "No" with both girls for fear that it would be quickly thrown back in our faces. Worked like a charm with Audrey! She never tells us no...she might tell us that she doesn't want to do something, but she's so sweet about it! Abigail not only tells us, "Uh-uh!" but she's starting to say "No," having learned that word from Audrey. She's strong-willed and I'm thinking that is actually something I love about her.

She can't get onto the couch by herself yet. This pisses her off royally.

People weren't kidding when they said that the girls would be different. They are different in every way, except for sleep. Audrey despises food, Abigail will eat anything. Audrey is compliant, Abigail is defiant. Audrey is blonde, Abigail is brunette (lol.) But seriously, they are very different and I can only hope they learn to accept and respect each other's differences...eventually :)

She is so squishy and adorable and I'm overcome with love for her. Sometimes I can't control myself from smothering her with tickles and kisses because she's just the most delicious baby!!