Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poor Abigail!

This morning I noticed she had a rash under her chin. I thought it was from her chin rubbing against her fleece sleep sack. I checked her over when we got to Grandma's and I noticed a few red bumps on her upper thighs. I put some hydrocortisone on the red spots before I left for school.

When I came to pick her up, Grandma told me she most likely had Roseola. She explained all the symptoms and it sounded exactly right. From what I could see the rash was still there and had even spread a bit.

When we got home and I was changing her, I freaked out! Little red spots all over her legs and arms.

I was not prepared for that! So of course I turn to Dr. Internet. Since I had both girls by myself tonight I couldn't sit back in the office and search the web so I posted on FB and got TONS of great advice from people I actually know and trust.

A few days ago (Sunday-Monday) Abigail's cheeks were flushed. I didn't even think to take her temperature. She hasn't been overly fussy and she's been eating and sleeping well.

I got a lot of mixed answers on FB (hives, hand, foot & mouth disease, fifths.) I guess we'll see how she does overnight and call the dr in the morning. It looks very similar to what Audrey had back in December. That cleared up the very next day if I remember correctly.

Ugh. I hate when things like this pop up. Makes things interesting I suppose! Please let me know if your babies have had this! I'm anxious about tomorrow...