Thursday, October 1, 2015

Anne Elizabeth is TWO!

And of course it's gone by too fast!

Anne is simply amazing. She is talking so much:

"I want that!"
"Thank you"
"Bless you!"
"Up! Down."
"I love you"
"Go night-night."
"What happened?"
"Where (did) ____ go?"
"Grandma's house?"

paci, milk, drink, tv, cookie, glasses, snack, cheese, outside, blanket (bee bee), van ("BAN!"), mermaid, bath, potty, counts to 3, says names of family & friends

She sings along to the radio, usually catching just the ends of each line. Loves to dance along and makes the funniest/dramatic facial expressions.

She goes to the living room window, gets behind the curtain, and looks out the window while she poops. Yeah.

She loves food and she's a great eater.

Interestingly, she doesn't like to be consoled by her sisters when she's upset. They try, she says, "NO!" and runs to me. If they try to give her something she doesn't want, she acts completely offended.

She's a wonderful listener and follows directions amazingly. When we tell her to do something she says, "OK!" and DOES IT. Every night she picks out a book, or two, and she sits and listens as I read. Our favorites are "I Love You Through and Through", "Mommy's Best Kisses" and "Ten in the Bed." She has started "reading" along and she can predict parts of the story where I stop to tickle or kiss her.

She LOVES Chris. Sometimes she'll just say, "I want Dad." She gets so excited when he walks in the door from work!

She hates the idea of taking a bath, but once you get her in she's great.

After we get her dressed she says, "I pretty!"

She loves to be chased and tickled. She's so fun, so loud, so full of energy.

I don't know when we'll take her off the paci (uses it in bed only.) I don't know when she'll move to a toddler bed. I don't know when we'll potty train. I don't even care #thirdchild .

She loves her daily routine...up around 6, nap around 11, bed by 7. She lays right down and falls asleep (sometimes she'll straight up ask to go night-night.) I love that she happily goes to bed!

She likes to bring us things...if we leave a phone/iPad/laptop/eye glasses (you know, the expensive stuff) on the coffee table she brings it to us and says, "Here you go!" or "Here, Mom/Here, Dad!"

Anne is just the best. She lights up our lives in a way only the baby of the family can. We love how her big sisters care for her and how she learns from them every day. She is our baby. She is two, and I know that she'll be way more of a "Terrific" than a "Terrible!"