Sunday, July 1, 2012

Audrey is 3 1/2!

Yes, she is as sweet and lovable as she looks!

I'm completely loving this age. We have conversations about everything- she's so curious and loves to learn. She is very affectionate. She randomly tells us how much she loves us...while she's playing, while we're out shopping, riding in the car. It never gets old hearing it! She also loves to tell us that we're her favorite people (Abby included!) She is a true sweetheart.

She was accepted into preschool and I am beyond excited for her! She is so ready. I can hardly believe we'll be shopping for a backpack and school supplies this summer!

She has a wonderful imagination. When we go grocery shopping she likes to pretend that we're pirates, looking for other pirates. She hangs on to the side of the shopping cart and whispers, "I see pirates! I see a shark! Look out!" She has tea parties and picnics behind the couch...she sets everything up and makes sure her "guests" are dressed up as well.

She loves to sing and dance as much as ever. She will stand on a box or crate and just belt out a song, making up words as she goes along. I am always a good audience, she always gets a standing ovation :)

She will only wear dresses. However, when she goes to sit down, she always pulls it way up so she doesn't sit on it. Very quirky! We're going to have to break the dress habit for school, methinks!

She loves Abigail, but definitely gets annoyed with her. They're not quite at that stage where they're full-on playing with each other. There have been a few times when they kind of chase each other back and forth (hilarious! and adorable!) They like to jump on her bed together. But for the most part Audrey prefers to play by herself or watch TV.

She still takes an afternoon nap (around noon) and is ready for bed between 7-8. Sometimes I'm selfish and keep her up later since it's so fun to snuggle and focus on just her.

She is most definitely a Momma's girl. She has decided that she's my girl and "Abby goes with Daddy." LOL!

She loves Grandma's pool. She completely surprised me by taking off in the small inflatable pool ring...but I was even more shocked when she started jumping in! She did tip over once and ended up going under for a few seconds. For awhile she said that she didn't want to go back in the pool, but that didn't last very long :)

Her food preferences remain very limited to grilled cheese, toast, various fruits, and yogurt. She loves all kind of snacks, though: granola bars, goldfish, fruit roll-ups, gummies. Packing her a lunch for school is going to be a challenge!

She's completely potty trained except at nap and bedtime. We took the rail off of her crib so I'm going to work on keeping her dry for naps. She loves her "big girl bed." She doesn't get out of it by herself yet...she still calls for me when she wakes. Abigail is really enjoying Audrey's new bed. She goes in, tears everything off of it, and climbs in. She jumps, crawls around, and just likes to spend time on it, lol. I seriously doubt she'll be in her crib much longer- she loves to climb! But of course I'll keep her in it as long as I can!

Audrey is super social. She loves to talk to strangers. She had a full-on conversation with an older lady in the Target bathroom as I changed Abby's diaper. I hope she is always outgoing and friendly...I especially hope she's that way in school (those kinds of kids are my favorite!)

She is growing up so fast- I'm going to relish every moment before she starts kindergarten...because I know the school years fly by way too fast. I love the sweet little girl she is right now and I feel so lucky that she is ours :)