Friday, July 12, 2013

28 weeks (3rd tri!) and Swim Lessons

I had my growth scan with the perinatologist on Monday. Baby Burns is breech (which is normal at this gestational age.) The baby is measuring perfectly...not too big, not too small- right on the expected growth line (phew!) I, however, am growing at a fast rate! I'm up to 152 lbs! They didn't say anything about my weight, but I'm getting nervous about it with 10+ weeks to go! The tech was super nice- and she remembered Audrey. She said, "You never forget a face or spirit like that. She lights up the room!" She also said how intelligent and sincere Audrey was...we know this :) I was so disappointed that we didn't get better pictures...I guess I've been spoiled with the 3D pics. But then again, I always worry about seeing too much, lol.

Baby is 2 lbs 7 oz! He/she loves to kick and punch on my right side!

Apparently I have to go back in 4 weeks...and that's when I start going twice a week for "testing"- which is a sonogram and 30 minute heart analysis. I vaguely remember doing that with Abigail, but twice a week seems excessive! On the bright side, I'm glad BB will be well-looked after :) I saw Dr K yesterday and he explained that because I'm pre-diabetic, the test needs to be done every 3-4 days. The baby will get 2 points in 5 different categories...that "score" is usually good for a week, but it needs to be done more often in my case. And it looks like we're going to go a week early (Sept 23-27.)

On Monday Audrey Cate had her first swimming lesson! She was a nervous/excited mix. She started to get more excited though as we watched people in the pool and more kids started to arrive. She did well! But more importantly, she had fun and wants to go back :)

The instructor said that she's very comfortable in the water, she just needs to put her face in! She's really hesitant about that for some reason. I'm sure with time she'll come around!