Sunday, February 5, 2017

Audrey Catherine is EIGHT!

It's so bittersweet. I adore the young lady she is becoming, but I miss the days of when she was itty bitty.

Audrey is amazing. She is smart, thoughtful, and responsible. A wonderful big sister. She is eager to learn. She is considerate and sensitive. We adore her sweetness!

She loves to draw and write and create. She doesn't love homework :) I still can't believe it when I see her reading chapter books.

Chris and I joke that she's the third person in our marriage, lol. She doesn't hesitate to snuggle up with us. She waits until I go to bed, then she climbs in with me just so we can have some extra time together (and watch Family Fued!) I'm absolutely dreading the day she doesn't want to snuggle...although knowing her it won't be for awhile :)

Audrey makes friends everywhere she goes...she describes herself as shy, but I don't see it. Whenever I see her at school she's always smiling and chatting away. I envy that about her! She truly thrives off her interactions with others.

As she gets older I'm finding that there are more and more teachable moments...and she truly listens and tries to understand. She asks thoughtful questions. She wants to do what's right. I love her pureness.

Eight years ago we just didn't know how blessed we had become. We are thankful every single day for our sweet Audrey Cate!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Abigail Mae is 5 1/2!

This girl!

She's just fabulous. At any given time you can find her dancing, singing, and acting. If she's not playing with Audrey, she's by herself doing these things or building with Legos, reading, or drawing.

She loves to clean her room (and other people's rooms!) Audrey was at a friend's party one evening and Abigail had been upstairs for awhile. I went to check on her and she had been cleaning all of the bedroom (picking up toys, rearranging things, lol.)

She's absolutely ROCKING kindergarten. She loves to tell us all about the math she's learning and the books they read. I get to see her on the playground and at lunch every day. On the playground she can be found on the monkey bars (can only do 2 bars, then she gets back up and waits in line again!) or climbing up the playground. Lately she's been more into chasing/being chased. She loves her friends and ADORES her sweet teacher. At the end of the day she comes into my classroom and my students love hanging out with her...although she mostly prefers to head out to the playground by herself :) I think she's like me in that way- once her school day is done, she needs some down time, lol.

She played Fall soccer and takes dance class. I absolutely LOVE watching her in action. She does things her own way and I am so proud of her!

She needs a book before bed every night and usually she reads to me. There's nothing better than hearing your baby read! She earned an amazing first report card, but more importantly she's flourishing socially and emotionally. I get to see her at lunch and on the playground...I can't kiss and hug her enough!

We love watching our darling girl learn and grow each day...I can't believe how fast the time has gone!