Saturday, January 4, 2014

Anne Elizabeth is 3 months old!

She is smiling all the time now! I love when I catch her looking at me, a serious look on her face, and then when I smile at her she gives me the biggest smile back! She's also cooing ("talking") and when she's REALLY excited she squeals, lol. She's being adorable like it's her job!

I turned 3 months old on Christmas Day!

Big sisters at 3 months:


This picture of Audrey looks crazy similar to Annie!

Look at Abby's crazy hair!!!

She has a pretty consistent schedule. Swaddled and bottled between 7-8, Dad feeds her again before he goes to bed (10-11) and she sleeps in her crib until about 2:30 am. I feed her and she goes right back to sleep. For awhile I dreaded the 2am feed because I could NOT get back to sleep afterwards. It was awful because by the time I did start to drift off, she'd awake again around 4-ish to eat. Now she sleeps in her bouncer next to the couch. She will go until 6am and for some reason I fall back to sleep more quickly. I don't mind the 2 am feed at all- but I'll be glad when she starts skipping it- I'd love to sleep all night in my bed :)

After her 6 am feed, we go back to sleep until 7-8. I pump and she stays awake to greet everyone. By the time I'm done, she's ready for a nice long morning nap in her swing. The rest of the day is like that- eat, awake/play, sleep in the swing, repeat. I'm too chicken to have her nap in her crib. I love watching her nap- she'll clasp her hands together or they'll lay right in her lap. She has the cutest little face and she looks so calm and peaceful.

She's doing the normal baby stuff- bearing weight on her legs, opening and closing her hands, bringing her hands to her mouth. She watches us and follows moving objects. She smiles (HEART MELTS!!) and coos (SWEETNESS!!)

I'm pumping 4x a day; first thing in the morning, during the day (around 1-2 pm), before bed at 7:00, and then when I get up to feed Annie at 2 am. I make plenty of milk for her (she's eating between 4-5 ounces) and I'm still freezing a little bit here and there. I'm down to about 125 lbs. My clothes are starting to hang on me (especially my pants!) I really should start exercising to tone everything up, but I'm too lazy, lol. Maybe in the Spring when it gets warmer! Maybe...

This month she had her first cold (with a cough!) She had her first ER visit and later saw a doctor about her hands and feet turning blue (all is good!) She sat with Santa and got to visit with her Great Grandparents from Texas. She got to meet more family on Christmas Day :)

Pics from the past month:

I worried my parents with my freaky blue hands and feet! But my heart is perfect and I'll totally grow out of it!

Super cute in my hospital gown!

Mom can't resist this pout!

I love to mile and talk to my Dad. He's my nighttime buddy!

Mom loves to watch me sleep

My big sisters love to bring me toys!

I love Mr. Sun, just like my sisters did!

Mom adores my rosy red cheeks!

I can't wait to see what this next month brings! I can't say that time has flown by. Her being 3 months old feels just right. Time isn't necessarily flying by, but it's not dragging either. I love being home with the girls, knowing that I have plenty of time to enjoy them :)