Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 19: Moving in

On Monday we closed on our new home. What an awesome adventure it has been. The entire building process went smoothly. Once we got through the permit process it went so quickly!

After closing we grabbed some lunch on the way back to the house. Earlier in the day Chris had picked up a few household things (ceiling fans, broom, step stool, etc.) I brought Audrey's bed, the new Christmas tree and our entry console table. The house hadn't been cleaned yet, so most of the stuff went into the garage.

As Chris tinkered with a few things, I wandered around, playing with light switches and just sitting in each room envisioning where furniture would go. It was nice just to enjoy the empty, silent space.

Of course it rained on Tuesday (furniture delivery day) and Wednesday (for realsies moving day.) Of COURSE it did. But everything went smoothly and on Wednesday after school I took the girls to pick up some Chick-fil-a and then we went to our new home :) The movers had a few things to finish up and then they were gone. We put Anne's crib together and she went right to bed. Audrey and Abby had a sleepover in Abby's room. They slept wonderfully, too. Chris went to the store to pick up a few things. I cleared the kitchen of all the boxes so we'd have a nice clean kitchen to work in. When he got home we put up our bedroom curtains and made up the bed. I didn't have to work the next day so I was completely energized and motivated, lol.

On Thursday I took the girls to school and Staci's. Then we worked in the kitchen while the cable/internet guy worked on setting everything up. We went to lunch and then did a bunch of shopping for household stuff & groceries. I picked up the girls and brought them home (I FREAKING LOVE OUR SHORTER COMMUTE!!) That night we had an issue with the dishwasher (something wasn't tightened properly and it caused a water leak which caused the smoke detectors to go off- sheesh!!) Luckily it was resolved quickly.

On Friday I dropped off the girls and went straight home. Chris had already left to go work at the old house (so weird to call it that.) I felt like Kevin from Home Alone. Big house, all to myself...I blasted the Christmas music and put up the tree, lol. Afterwards I worked solidly for hours on unpacking and I made tremendous progress. When Chris got home we got ready and picked up the girls. We took them to Grandma's for a sleepover, then headed to downtown for his holiday work party. After a week of craziness, sitting back with drinks, yummy food, and awesome people was just what we needed :) Poor Chris has been through the wringer this week- he handled the move by himself and he was sick...he really needs some plain old down time to just rest and relax.

On Saturday morning Chris went to the clinic (because being sick wasn't good enough- he now has pink eye!) and then went to work. I drove down to the old house and cleaned out the rest of my stuff- I made a trip to the dump and Goodwill. When I was doing my final walk through, I found an old fortune that I had saved. It couldn't have been more perfect timing:

As if I weren't teary enough! It made me so sad to see our house all emptied out. My most treasured moments have happened in that house. I wish I could have avoided going. I was completely fine when the girls and I left on moving day. Chris was quick to remind me that we still own it, lol. Soon it will be cleaned up and ready for the market for another lucky family to make memories in.

Chris came home from work early and it was the first night we all just relaxed. We LOVE this house. There is still so much to do, but for now it is functional for us. Winter break is just 2 weeks and 2 days away!

I can't wait to completely decorate. It's going to be a long time before it's all done (and is it ever really ALL done?) Our home is already super functional (thanks to a mudroom and pocket office!) My goal is to make it cozy, warm, and inviting. I want it to be free of clutter, where everything has a place. We're gong to focus on creating new habits so that it stays clean and organized. I'm excited to watch these girls grow in this house!