Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let me count the ways...

Usually I blog about how much I love my daughter, but not today (ok, there will probably be some of that...) No, today I give mad love to the Internet. You see, last Wednesday (6 LONG DAYS AGO) I had just put Audrey to bed and was getting ready to settle down with a little web surfing. That's when I got the dreaded message:

You are not connected to the Internet.

A quick look at the modem (is that what it's called?) and I see no flashing green light. FRICK!!

So, I go to bed, begrudgingly, and when I wake up the next morning, still nothing! Chris ended up calling that day and was told that someone would be coming out Saturday. Apparently they (Verizon) had screwed up the wiring when they had been installing FIOS. I was furious that they didn't come out right away, being that they were responsible for us not having any Internet/phone. And then of course it snowed on Saturday and they decided to not send anyone out until Tuesday.

Which brings us to today. Guess how long it took him to fix it? Less than 10 minutes.

It's amazing how much we depend on the Internet. Besides the fun stuff (blogging, shopping, Facebook, etc.) I use it to get ideas when lesson planning, recipes (stop laughing, Christopher!), paying bills, weather checks, etc. So, life it good again, I feel connected with the outside world. School was cancelled on Monday and today, so Cabin Fever has started to set in. But honestly, I have loved being at home every second with Audrey. She has just started to give kisses!! She'll kiss the baby on her YoBaby yogurt, and she'll kiss me when I get her up from her naps. Ugh...it's pure sweetness. I think this is a special time in all parent's lives, when finally all the hugs and kisses you shower on them from Day 1 can be reciprocated.

Besides being a kissing cutie, she's been walking ALL over the place. It's fun just to follow her and see where she goes. She pretty much has free range (oh the joys of having a one-level house!) She did try to flush one of her blocks down the toilet, so we have to start closing doors. When she falls down, she'll pick herself right back up and keep going (up until last week she would either crawl the rest of the way or crawl to the nearest freestanding object to pull herself up.) And she's rediscovered her love of rattles. Thank goodness I didn't pack those away...she loves walking around with one in each hand just shaking up a storm.

Isn't this a cute outfit?! One of my kids (now a 5th grader) got it for her, thanks M!!

Yes, I stalk her even in her sleep.

Dare devil.

And a couple videos for Uncle Scott, who has not so subtly, demanded more of Audrey:

A fun new game!

If you're really bored, watch how Audrey likes to put her blocks away (a girl after our own heart!)