Saturday, July 28, 2012

OBX (part 4) Days 4 & 5

Because we stayed at the Oasis, we were given a complimentary photo shoot on the beach! We met the photographer at 8:30 and literally we were done within 15 minutes. It was already hot out and of course we could only get one girl to cooperate at a time, lol. I am hoping for at least 2 good pictures to come out of it (I should be getting a link to view the pictures in a couple of weeks.)

We went to breakfast at Sam and Omie's. WOW- it was the best breakfast I'd ever had! Yummy bacon, eggs, hash browns...but their biscuits were outright heavenly. The girls shared french toast. We got back to the hotel and I hung out with Abby before putting her down for a nap while Chris took Audrey to the pier. They had planned on going fishing but it was just too hot. He went to the pool while I relaxed and did some reading in the AC :)

We played in the pool after Abby woke up and then got ready for dinner. We decided to go to Pamlico Jack's (mostly for the atmosphere...they had a pirate ship!) I had wanted to dine outside on the deck but it was a bit too windy (and still scorching hot.) We were disappointed. The food was just ok. Chris took Audrey up to the top of the ship and she was thrilled :)

We left and went to DQ for some ice cream. I had wanted to go back to the beach to look for shells but it looked (and felt) like a storm was approaching. We got back to the room early enough for Chris to go for a swim while I got the girls washed and ready for bed. I was kind of glad it was our last night...I was ready to go home and sleep in my own bed!

The next morning we went back to Sam & Omie's for breakfast (I mean, for serious it was the best breakfast food!!) We went back to the hotel to get packed up and then back to the beach one last time (I was determined to get shells!)

We finally hit the road and had a good trip back. It was nice to get home and back into a normal routine but I'm already looking forward to going back next year :)

OBX 2012 (part 3) Aquarium: Day 3

I hadn't realized we were only 20 minutes from the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island. I was relieved when Chris suggested it on Wednesday morning because I was just not up for another day at the beach!

Abigail was trying to wake up her sister...

The aquarium was wonderful! I hadn't been to one since our honeymoon to Charleston nearly 8 years ago. There was plenty to see and the girls were very interested in everything.

It is nearly impossible to get both girls looking at the same time!

We didn't have enough room for the Stokke, luckily there were plenty things low enough for Miss Abigail to look at!

Our brave one :) Audrey didn't care to be so close, lol.

They had a cool interactive section where kids could be scientists & rescue a sea turtle. A little too old for Audrey, but a very cool exhibit!

OMG- my favorite part was the insanely large shark tank. The main room was packed with people so we hung out in the smaller room where it was less crowded and still got great views of the sharks. Freaked Audrey out.

We visited the gift shop where I got Audrey a t-shirt. We ate some snacks outside and then headed back to the hotel so Abigail could nap. I went to the pool again and had it all to myself. When Abby woke up we all spent a couple hours there and then got ready for dinner. We decided to go to Kill Devil Grill (on a good friend's recommendation!) We had a short wait but it was worth it. I fell in love with their wings...Chris even game Abby some (which she loved!) We went for a walk on the beach afterwards.

This video of Chris and Abby cracks me up :)

She can be so uncooperative sometimes :)

When we got home we did our usual routine...bedtime (and SHOWER!) for Abby, then drinks and dolphin watching. It was a great way to spend one of our our final nights :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OBX 2012 (part 2) Beach Day!

I haven't been to the beach in YEARS. It was the summer before we got pregnant with Audrey. I went to Disney with my family and we went to Cape Canavral to see the space shuttle launch from the beach. I did nothing but sit in a chair and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach.

Friends, going to the beach with children is so much different.

Chris and I were loaded with a huge bag, buckets & shovels, towels, an umbrella, floaties (that we never used) and 2 wiggly kids. We didn't walk too far until we settled on a spot far enough from the water but not too far from the pier.

Chris set up the umbrella and took Audrey to see the ocean while I got Abby changed into her swim suit. Audrey didn't LOVE the water, but she was ok getting her feet wet. She came back and decided it was much more her speed to sit in the sand with her shovel and bucket. Chris took Abigail out to the water and of course she LOVED it.

I blew up the small kiddie pool (a good $5 spent!) Abby only stayed in the pool for about 5 minutes, but it was nice to have something for them to splash around in (Audrey ended up shoveling sand into it, lol.)
Love this sweet face!
I took Audrey back to the water for a few minutes. She thought it was fun to let the waves chase her.

Turns out she doesn't like sand very much, either. I'm really hoping she grows out of it because we really want to go back!

I took Abby down to the water and held her hands as we waited for waved. She had the biggest smile on her face! She'd laugh when the waves crashed over her feet. Totally adorable! I wish I would've given Chris the camera :(

Kid was completely covered in sand, and also had sand in her mouth (she literally shoveled it into her mouth...ugh.) And of course I had forgotten to but the baby powder in the beach bag. We were a sweaty, sticky, sandy bunch!

After a couple of hours we'd had enough and it was nap time. We got the girls showered and Abigail had no problem falling asleep. I didn't have Audrey take a nap all week...I knew she'd fall asleep better at night if she was exhausted! So it was just "down time" for her...milk and cartoons. Chris and I alternated going to the pool. It was nice to have some quiet, by myself time to just lay out and enjoy the water. When Abigail woke up we all went to the pool for a couple hours.

We went back to the room and got ready for the evening. First we hit the outlets...I took Audrey and Chris took Abigail in the stroller. I ended up buying just a few things, including a backpack for Audrey (which is HUGE on her, BTW!) I was thisclose to buying her a little beach fedora but at the last minute she decided on a pair of shoes instead :) We went to dinner at Sugar Creek (1 minute down the road from the Oasis.) I had yummy fried shrimp. Everything was very good. There was a clown on the lower deck making balloon animals so we hung out while Audrey had a teddy bear made (I was hoping she'd ask for an alligator!) When we got back I took Audrey (and her teddy bear) for a walk. When Abby went to bed we sat out to watch for dolphins.

Next up: Day 3 at the Aquarium!