Monday, July 5, 2010

Wonderful Wedding Weekend!

Cousin Stephanie and her fiancé TJ were married on Saturday and it was a blast! Stephanie did an amazing job planning her wedding. She was super organized, the location was gorgeous, the food & music were fantastic. But what impressed me the most was how genuinely in love she and TJ are. She has been so excited about her wedding, absolutely glowing since becoming engaged. They are such a great couple, always smiling and having fun together. Marriage is going to be wonderful for them! I took a ton of pics for the big day:

Dad and Audrey, walking to the ceremony spot

She loved playing with the chairs while we were waiting for everyone to be seated.


The kiss!

Mr. & Mrs!

Audrey & Isabella

Having fun with Aunt Sarah

So, we realized just how much Audrey loves to dance. She wanted to be on the dance floor the whole time. She'd stop dancing, run to the edge of the dance floor, wave at us, then go back to dancing. Towards the end of the night people would circle her and she'd dance in the middle without a care in the world. She was so much fun. She danced until it was time to go home (11:30!!)

Towards the end of the reception there was a beautiful fireworks display. It was really spectacular, but Audrey was quite frightened. She kept looking up to see the pretty lights, but hated the sounds.

What a fun wedding! We had the best time. Congrats to Stephanie & TJ!!