Friday, June 28, 2013

Audrey’s First Dance Recital

I’d been looking forward to this for a loooong time! I’ve danced in many recitals and competitions. I love the rush of performing on a stage. You go out with such confidence, you perform with a huge smile on your face, and then you exit with such a sense of pride and accomplishment. It’s just so exciting!

Friday was the dress rehearsal. As soon as I saw her on stage, I teared up…without warning! I couldn’t help but wave- and when she saw me the look on her face was priceless!! I blew her a kiss and she waved back and blew me a kiss (more happy tears!) She looked like she was having a great time, totally psyched to be up there. Afterwards we went to Sweet Frog with cousin Skylar, then to Grandma’s for a quick visit.

On Saturday we got there nice and early. She ate breakfast, then we did her hair and makeup (a bit of blush and a touch of lipstick!) She looked like a porcelain doll, absolutely lovely. I signed her in, they took her backstage, and we got seats right up in the front. When she came on stage, she spotted us right away and was beyond excited! She kept recognizing all the different people that she hadn’t seen before the show- Grandma and Grandpa, Chris, Ms. Dove and Teddy and Aubrianna- she kept waving at us and saying things like, “There’s my Grandma! There’s Ms. Dove!” She was sooo distracted but she did get over it eventually. Everyone laughed, it was too adorable! I laughed and cried through the entire performance, lol. I’d have to say it was just as great a feeling as performing. My sweet girl was incredible!

My Mom took a lot of great shots. I'm glad, because I was really able to enjoy the moments she was on stage :)

End of show finale. She got excited all over again!

After the show she was bombarded with bouquets and we took a ton of pictures. Chris mentioned this to me later- she is so gracious and radiates with such pure joy…you can just see the light in her eyes and it comes from her heart. She’s very animated and you can tell she is so sincere. She truly appreciated all the people who came to cheer her on. Even as we were walking in, she would tell random girls that they looked beautiful in their costumes. She just warms my heart so much!

What a wonderful day! She's moving up to the next level class next year (Pre Dance.) She'll get to do tap, which she's super excited about! Way to go, Audrey! You are such a super star!!