Tuesday, November 18, 2008

34 weeks

My belly hurts!! I really don't think the baby has dropped, but man I am feeling some pressure. I feel like I'm carrying a bowling ball right in front of me. The top of my stomach feels bruised and I noticed my first pregnancy stripes today (aka stretch marks)!! Two very tiny red lines at the top of my belly...they almost look like 2 little red scratches, maybe 1/2 an inch long. Today was especially fun b/c my maternity pants bunched up BELOW my belly, and the shirt I wore today kept riding up.

I feel so heavy, it's definitely harder to get around. I feel like an old lady if I get up from sitting too long. However, I have 6 more weeks!! And I hope Baby Burns stays put the entire time. I can get through this knowing that BB is safe and secure in my belly, growing and growing....moving and moving. I always feel him/her on my right side, but today there was a lot of action on both sides. Maybe the baby is turning? I have no clue, but I absolutely love it when he/she moves. I'm really going to miss that feeling.

**UPDATE** No stretch marks...they really were tiny scratches. Oh well, I'm sure they'll pop up any day now! And apparently I was just having a "growing pains" kind of day. Not as much pressure or aching anymore. Phew!