Saturday, January 9, 2016

Audrey Catherine is SEVEN!'s so hard to believe! Partly because she still looks like she's five, lol.

Audrey is such a darling girl. She's funny, positive, and kind. I wish I were seven so I could be her BFF. She is silly, good-natured, and hilarious. She loves to draw and write, and she is so creative. I'm amazed at how she reads...she bought a chapter book at the book fair and actually reads it to herself!

She has such a tender heart. We definitely have to discipline her with a sensitive approach.

She is getting more opinionated with her wardrobe- she mostly wants to wear jeggings and t-shirts. She's denounced frilly dresses- she absolutely would not wear a cute red dress I picked for a Christmas party. BUT she loves her navy and white striped a-line dress (it's been hanging in her closet for 2 years...that's how much I loved it!!) I love that she's getting her own sense of style. I had her put on the red dress, thinking she'd change her mind or just go with it- but she was truly miserable and I decided right then and there I would NEVER argue with her about clothes. So long as they are appropriate, she can wear what she pleases.

We had her birthday party a few weekends ago and over 30 kids came to celebrate! She has formed so many wonderful friendships. I love hearing her talk about all the sweet kids and the daily interactions she has with them. The start of my lunch coincides with the end of hers...when I walk up to her table, I always see her laughing with her friends, sometimes the ones from another class, lol.) She gives me hugs and kisses and begs me to stay (will this be the last year she does this?!) It's such a treat for me to see her in the middle of the day.

One of the things I love most about Audrey is her radiant joy. She's so delightful and sincere and genuine. I could cry when I think of how fast she has grown. Especially with leaving the old house, and all the baby memories of her's all just too much. But I could not be more proud of the sweet young lady that she is.

She is so giving. When she opened her birthday gifts, she was more than happy to give away TWO Monster High dolls (which was the ONLY thing she asked for her birthday) to Abby and Bella because she already had one. Brand new dolls! I couldn't believe it. She impresses me every day.

A couple of weeks ago my father passed away. I can't bring myself to write fully about it just yet; I couldn't speak at his funeral- I couldn't even find the right words to write down so that the pastor could read them. I told Audrey that I was sad and I just couldn't write down what I was feeling. The night before the funeral she sat down and wrote about Pop Pop. She said she wanted to read it and she DID. She got right up in front of everyone and read about her Pop. I've never been more proud.

I recently read an article written by a father of girls; his response to the typical "poor dad of girls" comments really resonated with me..."It only gets better." I definitely see this with my girls, especially with Audrey. We are so close- our conversations are so meaningful and go beyond, "How was your day?"- she knows she can tell me anything. We gets each other's jokes (I make some awesome Mom jokes and she just cracks up!) We love to be silly together, to snuggle with each other, to communicate everything we're feeling. I truly feel like I'm raising my best friend.

Seven years ago I fell madly in love with her- I didn't know that it would just get better and better :)