Sunday, April 17, 2011

Early Easter Egg Hunt

Easter isn't until next Sunday, but I figured there wasn't any harm in letting Audrey do an egg hunt a little early. Plus it was gorgeous outside today! On Easter we're going over to Grandma's house to dye eggs and have an egg hunt with cousin THAT will be fun!

Before she took her nap I brought out the bunny basket and the eggs. She played with them for a bit and eventually lost interest. When she was napping I filled the eggs with her favorite candy (M&Ms!) and put them in the grass. When she woke up I showed her the empty bunny basket..."Oh no! Where did the eggs go?!" I asked her. I pointed outside to where I had laid one egg on the porch. She quickly caught on and it took her all but 2 minutes to find the eggs once we were out in the grass.

When we got back to the porch we opened each egg and she ate all of the M&Ms. Success!

Ready to go!

This time next year we'll have two kids looking for eggs on our front lawn!