Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back to work....YIKES!!

I think I'm more nervous about tomorrow than I am on the first day of school! Will I get enough sleep? Will we get out of the house on time without forgetting anything? Will I get to school on time? I'm worrying myself over every little thing! I have a million things to do today which is good b/c I need to keep myself busy. I'm actually feeling good b/c I got 10 hours of sleep last night! Oh, Audrey finally slept through the night, you say? No. Not a chance. Chris got up with her all night so that I could get a full nights rest (he did the same the night before!) I have a great husband :)

Our school's spirit week is this week and I think it will be a fun week to go back. Hopefully I'll keep busy enough to not miss Audrey so much (yeah right!) I'm going to put together our digital frame and take that to work so I can watch her slideshow :) So wish us luck tomorrow and the rest of the week....only 29 days until SPRING BREAK!