Monday, August 1, 2011

Things I don’t want to forget: All about Audrey edition!

I love this stage. Audrey is the sweetest girl! So smart and curious and the best imagination!

Some things I definitely don’t want to forget:

Her newest sayings are:

“Oh my gosh!”
“I can’t believe it!”
“What the HECK?!”
“I’m thinking about it…”

She loves her new dollhouse. She puts the whole family to sleep in their beds and covers them with the blanket from her crib.

She’s very sensitive towards others. If someone is sad she’ll say, “Poor _____!”

She’s getting to be more and more OCD…she likes to sort her bath letters and numbers by color.

She’s becoming more interested in Abigail. Yesterday when she woke up she said, “I want to see Abby!” She likes to watch me change her diaper. She loves to tickle Abby’s toes.

Anytime there’s a blanket spread out on the floor she automatically wants to have a picnic/tea party.

We’ve moved the froggy potty into her bathroom. So now when she has to go she runs frantically while saying, “I gotta pee, I love you!” I have no idea what that last part is about ☺

The other day she saw the dishwasher basket that we use for bottle parts on the counter. She’s used it before as a “cage” for her farm and zoo animals, so when she asked me to get it down for her I didn’t think anything of it. A few minutes later she came and asked me to march with her…usually she asks me to have a dance party with her. But I obliged and she led me to my room. Then she starts singing the song from Jake and the Neverland Pirates and marching around the basket, just like they do on the show. Complete with a grand finish (arms in the air, striking a pose at the end of the song.) She was disappointed when the basket (excuse me, treasure chest) didn’t open by itself like it does on the show. To make it even more fun Chris got out 4 gold coins…her very own gold doubloons! Too funny.

"Hey, hey welcome crew..."

She goes into my closet and pulls out my shoes. She puts them on and calls them her tap shoes.

When we speak sternly to her or tell her no, she makes a “funny” face. She thinks it will get her out of trouble if she makes us laugh. Unfortunately for her it doesn’t work- but we all get a good laugh and thankfully it takes the edge off & there’s no tantrum!

When I make my bed she insists on being a baby turtle. She lays on the floor and I throw pillows on top of her. As the momma turtle I bring her celery and coffee (don’t ask!)

My sweet little baby turtle :)

She likes to help give Abigail her baths. If we wrap Abby in the green alligator towel Audrey likes to be chased by “Abigator” afterwards!

She loves her dad. She actually says, “I love my dad.”

She says her prayers all by herself.

She takes over the living room...more precisely, the living room table. She poses all of her "friends" and sets them up on/in various toys. I clean it all up when she takes a nap and she does it all again when she wakes up.

After she’s all dressed and her hair is brushed, we walk to the long mirror in my closet. She stands there and totally beams while I tell her how pretty she looks. The look on her face is precious!

I truly love this age especially because I’m hearing that year three is pretty awful, lol.