Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Day (and Things) I Don't Want to Forget

Friday was awesome. Chris took Abigail to Grandma's house (she was thrilled!) I took Audrey to her second day of school (she was super excited to go back!)

As soon as I dropped off Audrey I went straight to my doctor appointment, so I was early. I got to hang out with my sister and BIL until the NST machine was ready. The baby looked great and then it was sonogram time. Even though it's just a 2D ultrasound, the face was SO clear! Dr K said that it was because I don't have a bunch of fat layers to go through, lol. He seemed really excited about the image too and said, "Man, your sister is going to be so jealous!" LOL. He confirmed my induction date for 9/25 (although I'll still need to call that day to make sure there's a bed available.) I am pretty positive that this little one will come before that :)


After my appointment I met back up with my sister and BIL for a yummy (huge) breakfast. This is such an exciting time for our family- 2 sweet babies due at the same time! It's going to be so fun to see who goes first or if we go at the same time!

I left to pick up Audrey from school. She had another wonderful day and told me all about it as we headed to Grandma's. We swam the rest of the afternoon. The pool was so cold, but it was so nice to float around, relax, and just enjoy the girls. On a whim I took the babes to Sweet Frog on the way home. I know we'll be so limited on what we can do once the baby is here and the cold weather sets in. I'm trying to cram in some fun things while I can :)

I ended the day with a nice dinner and relaxing bath. It was a pretty wonderful day, and I'm really enjoying EVERY day with just the 2 sweethearts!

Other things I don't want to forget:

Abigail has been obsessed with puzzles lately, especially a princess one. She will do it 10x a day. She sits quietly in her room and puts it together, then takes it apart and does it again.

She talks extremely well. Some of my favorite things she says are: "Come on Mom, follow me!" "What are you doing?" "Where'd that come from?" " I don't like that, it's yucky." "Audrey locked me OUT!" "I'm sending Grandma a message," (on her play phone.) "Let's do this thing!" "I so proud of you!" "Mom, you help me?" She calls ravioli, "abbyoli." "Pretty, pretty please?!" "I love _____! It's my FAVORITE!" and "Get me outta here!" (when she wants to get out of her highchair, lol.

Audrey is really into drawing and now writing. It's so adorable how she sounds things out as she writes. "I love you" is written as "OLOVO" and "Thank you" is "Fangu" (which is close to how she pronounces it!) She wants to make books and write stories, so I end up doing the folding and cutting and stapling. Her latest project is a shapes and colors book for Abby :)

Each and every day I'm reminded of how different these girls are. Audrey is still very much a Momma's girl, "please help me do everything." Abigail is SO independent; she's constantly saying, "No, I do it mySELF!"

On days that Abigail doesn't have a nap (either we're out or she just plays quietly in her crib during nap time) the girls go to bed at 6:00!! That's a whole hour early and it's awesome, lol.

The girls are insanely confident in the pool. At the beginning of the summer, Audrey wouldn't even get her face wet. Now she jumping in without any help! So of course Abby has to jump in, too (with her floatie.) Audrey now attempts to swim (across the stairs and to me.) I am so proud of them and I *hope* they don't lose their bravery over the next year!