Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 4: backfill, rough grade, & slab

Progress this week! It was exciting to see what the yard will look like. Chris took all 3 ladies to soccer on Tuesday since I had a meeting. They sent me this picture:

On Thursday morning he called and said that our slab would be delayed a few days due to the rain...however, the rain held off and they were able to do it after all! He went to check it out this morning but couldn't get onto the property to take a picture because it was so muddy from last night's rain. Framing begins Monday!

We made a ton of progress here at home. Chris cleaned out his closet and we got 90% of the basement done! We filled the dumpster and had no room for the BIG stuff we're getting rid of. So they picked it up and dropped off a new one on Thursday. The girls sat on the porch and watched it get delivered :)

We're coming up on my last week of Summer (wow!) I definitely plan on going to see the house myself more often since I'll be in the area. November seems so far away :(