Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog to Book

Why are the good ideas always taken? I came across this site as I was looking for a new blog background. Now, I don't have a baby book for Audrey. This is pretty much it. Luckily my MIL is creating 2 scrapbooks of Audrey (one for her monthly professional pics, the other for candids...yay!) This blog to book would be perfect in leu of the traditional baby book. Hint, hint ;)

UPDATE...I just created my is so cool!! The site will let you see what it actually looks like with the cover, table of contents, pictures, and everything! It's like a digital preview. I'm not going to order it just yet. I'm thinking of waiting until Audrey is 9 months. Since I started the blog when I got pregnant it will be about her 9 months in the womb and her first 9 months out in the real world :) I am so excited!