Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Audrey Catherine is 7 1/2!

Ugh, it's so hard to believe.

How is it that she'll be in second grade, the grade I taught for so many years? At one point it seemed like it would be FOREVER until she was in "my" grade level.

I'm very proud when it comes to Audrey- she is bright, outgoing, creative, responsible, caring, and kind. She thrives in school, academically and socially. She was identified for gifted last year and really loved working in Focus this year. She made so many new friends, the sweetest kids ever. I loved visiting her at lunch every day and seeing her laughing and talking with everyone.

She's very social- I admire that about her! When we went to the beach she had a blast hanging out with the boys (while Abby preferred to do her own thing- like organize their bedroom, lol.)

She convinced me to dye her hair back in April. She'd been wanting to dye it forever...but there was no way I was using real dye, so we did Kool-Aid instead (and we waited until after Picture Day, lol.) I can't believe it's still in there!

Her smile (although now with large, crooked teeth!) still lights up the room and is one of my most favorite things in the world. I just love that sweet face.

She and Abby are best buds- they play all day together. I have to smile when I hear the things they come up with. The other day Audrey was following Abby around with my old iPhone, taking videos. Audrey was singing a song she made up..."Oh she's in the spotlight...she's just so beautiful..." as Abby was twirling and dancing like a superstar...I died. She'll complain if Abby doesn't play with her.

She's still having a hard time being alone on the new house. She doesn't want to be on any level by herself, and she complains about her bedroom being so far from ours. She still loves snuggle time and falling asleep with momma :)

It seems like most things come easy to her, but she does work hard when she needs to. Whether it's learning to ride without training wheels, studying for a test, working on school work during the summer...she's very self-motivated. One day at the beach she taught herself how to ride the boogie board. She loves to read and write. I offered to get her a new Leap Pad game for when we traveled, but she asked for books instead :)

She claims to be done with skirts and dresses, although she'll wear them every once in awhile to appease me. She does not want to take dance class this year; she wants to try soccer and gymnastics.

She's a wonderful role model for her little sisters and the apple of our eyes. Before we know it, Little Miss Sunshine will be EIGHT!!