Friday, July 31, 2015

House Progress!


We had our preconstruction meeting on Tuesday. I met Chris and our project manager for lunch where we went over all the selections. Then Chris took me to see a house under construction so I could see what our blue siding would look like. I really love it and I think it will look great with our yellow front door!

We also drove by our home site, where I was very excited to see a porta potty :) The next day Chris drove by was was surprised to see them clearing!

On Thursday morning he sent me these:

And this is what it looked like Thursday afternoon:

I love seeing the progress. It's all going to be worth the wait! A friend of mine is building the same house, different elevation. She was nice enough to send me a picture of their kitchen-which is reversed from the model. It looks so different when it's all switched around!

I'm a bit anxious because I have all this time...and I feel like I can't quite pack everything up. I've done little things like take down some wall decor, cleaned out a few drawers and closets...I just want to get it all done now before the craziness of school begins. Since we'll probably be moving in November, I can't even pack up our Fall/Winter stuff! We are getting a dumpster so that we can purge as much as possible. That's a big job right there :) Maybe after that I'll feel better, lol.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beach 2015

What a fantastic week! I so wish I could take the beach home with us. This trip only solidified my goal of retiring here. For reals.

Our house had an early 1:00 check-in time. We left early (before 8) and made it down with no problems in just under 4 hours. We felt like we were really able to enjoy the first day, it wasn't just a "travel day." Our house was super nice and a quick walk to the beach.

The weather was amazing! Only one afternoon was cloudy with a bit of rain. We went to the beach every single day. A couple of mornings I walked to the beach to watch the sunrise.

The girls loved the beach, in small doses. Anne could stay there all day. Abigail and Audrey preferred the pool, but they really had a great time when they were at the beach. I couldn't get enough. I would be out there all day, from sunrise to sunset!

The kids all got along so well and loved playing with each other. I think that's a big reason the big girls wanted to be at the pool, they had so much fun with the other kids. It was interesting to watch Anne. She was constantly on the defense. She did not like it when other kids approached her, especially if she had a toy in her hand. She'd yell and even hit/push :( If Chris or I was holding the baby, she'd yell and cry and point while saying, "No baby!!!" Sheesh. Looks like we have some work to do with this one.

If we don't retire here, I at least want to buy a house that we can retreat to (BEFORE we retire.) A place where I can spend most of the summer and long weekends. Where the girls can go when they're on college break. It's not about laying out in the sun and getting a great tan...I just love watching the ocean and feeling the sand and breeze. I can't believe we have to wait an entire year to see it again :(

Now we are home and it's nice that I have a few weeks left of Summer. Time to focus on the upcoming school year and getting this house in shape!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer So Far

I'm loving these days! Just being home is so nice. Having flexibility in our schedules is wonderful. I adore my sweet girls. Summer is amazing.

Some things I want to remember...

Audrey and Abigail are such great playmates. When Anne takes her nap, they have quiet time and more often than not they prefer to play together. They do argue...but for every five minutes of fighting there's endless hours of sweet sisterhood...I'll take that ratio!! They've been having sleepovers every night. At first Audrey would sleep on the floor next to Abby. Now Abby sleeps on the floor next to her :) Lately though Abby bothers Audrey and Audrey ends up going back to her room (HA!) I hate to interrupt their time when they're getting along so well..that just means extra long baths, extra time outside, and *sometimes* later bedtimes ;)

When they do play independently, it's so interesting to see what they prefer. Audrey is always creating...she likes to sit and work. Abigail prefers to play pretend...she'll play with her princesses or she'll dress up and perform. I love when she goes outside and sings and dances. Our front porch is pretty high and she feels like she's on stage :)

Annie's newest phrase is, "Get me down!" and "Get me out!" She loves to play with her big sisters. She'll go back with them to Abby's room and play (sometimes with them, sometimes by herself...she just likes being with them!) She also likes to play on the riding toys and race her sisters up and down the hall. She wants to be apart of whatever they're doing. She'll say, "Come on, Audrey!" and "Abby, let's go!" She is SO SNUGGLY. Just loves to be held and cuddled. Goodness I love her.

We've been busy...Audrey did Field Day camp at school and loved it! Definitely doing it again next year. Abigail did camp at her school last week and she had so much fun. She's also playing soccer every week (she's awesome!) Anne started soccer as well and she's such a great listener! She follows directions and has a blast. We're signing her up for dance in the Fall, I can't wait!

The girls are up SO EARLY every morning these days. It makes for long days. By 4:00 I'm so ready for their bedtime!

New house hasn't started yet. We've had some delays with permits but they're finally all approved. I drove by a few days ago and they've put up our street sign. They also have most of the stone entrance signs finished. We are really excited to see the home site once it's cleared. All the selections have been made. After a ton of back and forth, we're doing white cabinets with a gray island. I think espresso cabinets are beautiful, but I love the fresh look of makes me happy. I started looking into white uppers and dark lowers, or at least a dark island. When Chris sent me a picture of a gray island...I was sold! I can't wait to get it started!