Friday, November 15, 2013

Things I Don't Want to Forget

Yesterday I was especially grateful to be a SAHM:

On a whim, around 10:00, I finished feeding Annie. Abigail said she was hungry so I decided to make pancakes (even though they'd already had breakfast a couple hours earlier.)

I put Annie in her bouncer so I could keep an eye on her in the kitchen. The older girls followed us and wanted to help. So Audrey poured the water and oil, Abigail poured the egg.

My favorite part of the morning? I blasted Christmas music and as I flipped pancakes, Audrey and Abigail sang and danced circles around Annie. She just sat and watched them until she dozed off. We ate pancakes in our PJs, sang and danced. It was fun to watch Audrey as she recognized songs from last year and to watch Abigail enjoy songs that she was too young to remember.

I'll never take things moments this for granted.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Abigail Mae is 2 1/2!

Abigail continues to be a typical 2 year old! Testing the waters and asserting her independence. Chris and I often find ourselves reprimanding her while trying hard not to laugh, lol. She's so sassy and full of personality that she seems so much older than two!

She speaks very well and we're able to avoid a lot of meltdowns by just talking things out. She loves to learn and is so smart! She knows a lot of her letters already, says her ABCs, and counts past 10. She knows her shapes and colors.

She really loves to do everything herself, from emptying her froggy potty to putting on her own socks. She wants to do everything Audrey does....for example, she still uses toddler toothpaste (no water) but because Audrey rinses and spits when she brushes her teeth, Abigail has to "spit" too. So I give her a bit of water (which she actually swallows) then she spits into the sink. It makes her so happy :)

I am still amazed at how she's adjusted to having baby Annie here. She tries to cuddle with her and will say things like, "Awww, don't you cry, baby Annie!" She loves her so much and I tell her often that she's a terrific big sister!

Likes: doing everything by herself, dancing, cuddling with dad, gushing over "cuuuute" baby Annie, taking baths, the playground at Chic-fil-a, talking in a "monster" voice, running and playing tag with Audrey, playing pretend, going to Grandma's house

Dislikes: naps

Funny things she says: "That's impossible!" "Oh my GOODNESS!" "Pretty, pretty please??" "This is ridiculous!" "That's disgusting!"

Abigail is incredible in every way. She challenges us and makes us SO proud. We adore that darling girl!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Best of Times, Worst of Times

That is how I refer to this point and time in our lives.

Worst: No schedule! I'm definitely having to prioritize all.the.time. The girls obviously come first- once they're happy and settled I can focus on myself and the house. But there's such a small window of time it seems! So, do I eat first or shower? Fold a load of laundry or get started on dinner? Pick up the toys or clean the kitchen? I miss having a more structured routine sometimes.

Best: No schedule, haha! I don't have to rush to be out the door by 6:30 am or worry about scheduling things around work.

Worst: Pumping, storage containers, freezing milk, and endless bottles. I will be so happy when I can pack away my pump. I don't *hate* pumping, but it is time consuming. I definitely hate the discomfort...the fullness and engorgement that goes along with breastfeeding and/or exclusively pumping...ugh! I am looking forward to the day I'm done with all that.

Best: I've lost almost all of the 40 pounds I packed on! 20 of it was gone after the first week!

Worst: I hear "MOM!" about 50,000 times a day. I can't decide if it's better, worse, or equally annoying as hearing "MRS. BURNS!" 50,000 times a day :)

Best: I'm the one who gets to be there for everything...the good and the bad.

Worst: Annie is adorable, but kind of boring :) She's on the verge of smiling (I can tell!!) But she mostly just stares and yawns and looks around taking everything in.

Best: I am so excited that I'll get to be home for so many of her firsts...smiling, sitting up, crawling, eating real food.

I think that once Miss Anne is on a schedule, I will feel more at peace, less anxious. And then I'll LOVE staying at home and won't want to go back to school...go figure!