Friday, August 1, 2014

Anne Elizabeth is 10 months old!

Damn! She's at that perfect baby stage- the one where I'm like, "Oh, we should totally have more babies!!" LOL, no!

She sleeps all night, though there have been some night wakes & feeds due to teething/having a cold. Her bottom two teeth are completely in and now her top two front teeth are breaking though (they look so painfu1.)

She waves, which of course is the cutest thing :) She very clearly says, "Momma" and "Dada." She gives kisses by smacking her lips together, and she does it when she sees other people giving kisses or if you walk into the room.

She pulls up on everything and has let go a couple of times. We bought her a push-walker but I'm not encouraging her to walk just yet!! Not ready!!!

She has a solid routine. She fills her diaper in the mornings (like clockwork!) She's a great napper, even at Grandma's house. She does very well in the car. At bedtime (between 7-8) we lay her down and she goes right to sleep.

She eats pretty much anything we give her (she did not like turkey, though.) She has mastered the sippy cup of water. I cannot wait until we are done with bottles.

She has found her voice, and that's NOT good thing, lol. She will SCREECH when she's frustrated or wants me. It's sounds like a drunk dinosaur and she likes to do it at restaurants which means eating in shifts! I will be so happy when this phase passes...

She's drinking between 6-8 ounce bottles and wearing size 4 diapers. She tries lots of different food. Her clothes are mostly 9-12 months. The little bit of hair that she has gets super curly in the humidity.

In less than one month I will be back at work. While I am very excited to go back to school, my heart is heavy. I will miss seeing her sweet face all the time. BUT, we have been blessed! Our cousin (a new mom herself!) will be caring for her. Sometimes Anne will go to their house, sometimes she'll get to stay home. I am so happy to know that she'll be cared for by someone who loves her, someone she recognizes and is comfortable with. I think the transition directly to daycare would be super hard (on us both!) In January a spot opens up at Abby's school, and then she'll be able to join her big sister (even though she'll be in a different room.) For now this arrangement helps out both families and gives me great peace of mind :)

Annie is a joyous addition to our family. She's starting to "play" with her big sisters and seeing them all together makes me feel like a very lucky momma :)