Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Week of School & Final Dance Class

What an incredible year she had! It was amazing for me as well- I had the best class, I LOVED being back in 2nd grade, and getting to bring Audrey with me to school was such a blessing!

On Wednesday I got coverage for my class and I spent the whole morning in Audrey's class! We had snack, circle time, craft/activity stations, outside playtime, then lunch.

Thursday was her very last day of school:

She checked this mailbox every day! Once a few teachers found out, they started leaving surprises in there for her. She wrote several thank you notes and drew pictures for the "mailman." :)

To celebrate her last morning with my class, I brought donuts and juice for breakfast. We took a class picture with her. She will always remember those sweet kiddos!

I gift wrapped her entire lunch. She thought it was tradition!

We're off for the 2013-14 school year :( But when we get back, Miss Audrey Cate will be a Kindergator!!

Our last dance class before recital was also that week:

She pretends to be asleep. HA!