Monday, November 11, 2013

Abigail Mae is 2 1/2!

Abigail continues to be a typical 2 year old! Testing the waters and asserting her independence. Chris and I often find ourselves reprimanding her while trying hard not to laugh, lol. She's so sassy and full of personality that she seems so much older than two!

She speaks very well and we're able to avoid a lot of meltdowns by just talking things out. She loves to learn and is so smart! She knows a lot of her letters already, says her ABCs, and counts past 10. She knows her shapes and colors.

She really loves to do everything herself, from emptying her froggy potty to putting on her own socks. She wants to do everything Audrey does....for example, she still uses toddler toothpaste (no water) but because Audrey rinses and spits when she brushes her teeth, Abigail has to "spit" too. So I give her a bit of water (which she actually swallows) then she spits into the sink. It makes her so happy :)

I am still amazed at how she's adjusted to having baby Annie here. She tries to cuddle with her and will say things like, "Awww, don't you cry, baby Annie!" She loves her so much and I tell her often that she's a terrific big sister!

Likes: doing everything by herself, dancing, cuddling with dad, gushing over "cuuuute" baby Annie, taking baths, the playground at Chic-fil-a, talking in a "monster" voice, running and playing tag with Audrey, playing pretend, going to Grandma's house

Dislikes: naps

Funny things she says: "That's impossible!" "Oh my GOODNESS!" "Pretty, pretty please??" "This is ridiculous!" "That's disgusting!"

Abigail is incredible in every way. She challenges us and makes us SO proud. We adore that darling girl!