Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

After dance class we met Sarah, Bella & Elizabeth at Belvedere. It was a gorgeous day and not crowded at all :)

She asked him to make her an alligator :)

Abigail LOVED the bouncy house...I knew she would!

A nice, slow tractor ride...perfect for Miss Audrey Cate!

Pouty :)

Poor Aud! She had actually gotten sick early in the morning and had a fever (100.) I gave her a bath and some tylenol and she was her normal, happy self. She did great at dance class but started to act kind of drowsy when we got to Belvedere. By the time we sat down to lunch she was straight up exhausted and took a little nap on the table, lol. I ended up going back to the car and getting the umbrella stroller so Elizabeth could push her around!

She did much better after her "nap."

We brought home 2 little pumpkins and an apple pie for Dad :) The girls passed out on the way home and went to bed a bit early. It was such a great day!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun Run & Playing Hookie

Our school had its first Boosterthon Fun Run and it was a blast! Dad and Abigail even came to cheer Audrey on :)

She ran 18 laps!

Water break :)

Al the kids did great and we raised a lot of money for our school. Later we had a picnic lunch and ice pops...such an awesome day with them!

On Thursday my dad had an appointment and wasn't able to pick up Audrey from school. So I took the afternoon off. Audrey came into my room at noon and sat quietly as I worked with my class until my sub arrived at 12:15. Then we busted out! We went to Chili's for lunch (and dessert!), then shoe shopping. She is such a blast to hang out with.

Yeah, she rocks preschool :)
Audrey started her new dance class yesterday. Abigail will turn 18 months at the end of October, so she'll start her class at the beginning of November. How cute is she going to be in tights?!

Waiting patiently during Audrey's class...

This year she doesn't need my help in class :( But she does get to be in the recital!

She's so yummy & squishy :)

I'm back to cherishing my weekends! I can't get enough of these girls...