Friday, April 22, 2011


Today was our last day of school before Spring Break :) Good thing, too, because my body is definitely telling me it's almost time. My ribs ache, I have awful cramps in different areas of my lower body and there are times where it feels like the baby is scratching my, trying to scratch its way's quite an alarming feeling!

But I haven't dropped and according to Dr K I'm only 1 cm dilated. I had a great appt yesterday...BPP was great and they did a NST which was also good. I'm up to 40 units of insulin before bed and 10 with breakfast. I dropped off my 24 hr urine sample and they took about 6 gallons of blood. They're checking for something with my kidneys...I wish I could give more details but at this point I'm so sick of doctors and needles and complications, I just don't want to bother. I have to go back twice next week for BPPs and OB visits...and the week after that is induction time! I must say, the closer we get the more excited I get...a little less anxious, a little more excited. I'm hoping to have a restful break with sweet Audrey Cate and then Baby Burns can make his or her appearance anytime after that!