Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally, a baby dream!

A long time ago, before we got pregnant, I had a very cute dream. I was bathing a little baby boy and afterwards I laid him all wrapped up on our bed. As I unwrapped the towel to put a diaper on, I saw a sly smilie on his face. I said, "Don't you dare!" and laughed. As son as I unwrapped the towel, he squirted straight into the air!! I hit the floor and laughed so hard...then I woke up! 

Since then I haven't really had any baby dreams (at least none that I can remember.) Chris says he has them almost every night, lol. Well last night I had a dream that I was pushing a baby boy around in a was the Stokke, and it was turquoise blue. And we were in a bedroom. I was just pushing him around and he was laughing! It was very entertaining to him. Anyways, it was rather exciting! I'm wondering if I'll have any girl dreams??

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Shannon said...

Love the baby dream...and that stroller, btw! Hope everything is going good!