Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yesterday's appointment was BORING. As soon as we walked into the room and didn't see an u/s machine, we were bummed. We did get to hear the h/b....which of course is very cool every time we hear it. Danielle (the nurse) says it sounds like a girl! Chris and I both think it's a boy though. Dr. K came in and did a quick exam then asked why I was losing weight! Trust me, I have been eating food like it's my job! I must have just had a light lunch b/c while I may not have gained weight, I didn't think I'd lost some! Let's just hope I stay on the healthy side of weight gain...not too much, not too little. We want Baby Burns to be nourished in there!

Next came the disappointing part. In 4 weeks I go for a blood test to check for Downs, and other diseases. Then 4 weeks AFTER THAT we get another sonogram. Ugh, I don't know how I'm going to wait 8 weeks to see the baby. On the bright side it'll make the summer drag by :) I'll have plenty to keep me busy: summer school, the wedding, Maine,  the nursery. I hope Baby Burns stay nice and safe in there.

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