Monday, August 18, 2008

20 week ultrasound

It was so amazing!! Hard to believe that's our baby in there, moving and growing all the time :) Dr K. pointed out all the different parts; head, brain, stomach, heart, spine, arms, hands. I think the coolest part was when the baby had his/her arms up in front of his/her face. Then he/she waved at us!! I got a little teary at that point. I could have laid there all day and watched him/her move their little arms and hands. Ugh, it was adorable! We looked away while the doctor checked out the legs (and what was in between, lol.) I'm so glad we didn't find out, although Chris would have found out if I'd let him :) Here are the pictures we got:

This is a picture of the face, and the baby has his/her hands up

The baby's body, with his/her head turned away (gah!!)

Another body shot:

The pictures are pretty grainy, which makes me want to get the 3d/4d ultrasound even more than I did before! We may do that in October. For now we're so happy that the baby looks great. Dr. K was very happy with everything. Baby Burns is 13 ounces and I've gained about 10 pounds so far, luckily all in the belly :) 

Keep growing Baby Burns! We love you!


Eris1995 said...

isn't it absolutely amazing!? We're not finding out either, but my husband would've caved also if I let him.

Baby and Me said...

Fun! I love the ultrasound day.

Baby and Me said...

Fun! I love the ultrasound day.