Friday, August 22, 2008

21 weeks!

I really love my belly. I love being pregnant.


Ashley said...

How cute is your belly?!?!

Marijana said...

Aww, so beautiful :)

I can't say I'm not jealous of your cuteness in general and the belly :D


Shannon said...

So cute BB!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

What a cute bump!!

Shannon said...

Awww so cute! Love your belly

Baby and Me said...

so cute!

beth said...


I totally vote boY!
Thats a beautifuL candid!

I also wanted to ask you about your crib...we love this one too!...are doing a mod unisex nursery and I went to check out crib at JCP and they didnt have furniture anywhere in area....Do you love it.....Was it difficult to get together .....just wonderin!???

my nest name is MoDchiCk ThanKssssssss!!!!!!!


Shannon said...

I loved being pregnant too. Your belly is so cute! Glad you are feeling well.