Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life is so good!

Every once in awhile I am overcome with the sense of how great my life is. It started to happen when I married Chris. I would just stop and think, "Wow, I'm very lucky to be his wife." I still absolutely feel that way. More and more it's been about Baby Burns. How lucky am I to be carrying this precious person?? Made from two people who love each other so, so much. I hope this baby knows everyday how much he or she is loved, and how much his/her parents love each other.

Other awesome happenings:

My class is really coming along. I forgot how hard it is in the beginning of the year. But we're starting to mesh well and I'm happy about that.

My other SIL is pregnant! I am so excited for her...she's going to be the best mom.

A teacher at my school is having triplets!!!! At first they thought twins, and I actually had a dream last night that she was having twin boys. Turns out she is having 2 boys...and 1 girl! Wow, how lucky is she?!?

I'm having Jambalaya tonight for dinner and Dutch Apple Pie for dessert. It doesn't get much better than that!!

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Shannon said...

Your cute! dutch apple DH would be jealous! He is dutch but I cant stand raisins in my pie so he very rarely gets it :-S
Great update :-)