Tuesday, November 11, 2008

32 week appointment

I'm closer to 33 weeks (Thursday) but I had a regular appointment today. Dr. K said this has been the perfect pregnancy...great weight gain, blood pressure, etc. I see him again in 2 weeks and then every week after that! He asked if we were signed up for a childbirth class (we are!). We're taking a few classes: Infant CPR at the end of this month, Childbirth (2 weeks), Breast feeding, and Home with Baby (all in early December).

I still have a few things to put away and organize in the nursery (and we still have 1 more shower!) I'm going to start packing my suitcase and the baby bag for the hospital. I want to see what they recommend bringing (I assume we'll get a list at the childbirth class.) We probably won't need anything for the baby now that I think about it...just a coming home outfit. We did get our car seat! It's so cute. I need to get an extra base so that I have one and Chris has one. We also have to install them before it's time to go!

Only 25 school days to go! By the end of the day my feet are swollen, my body aches, and I'm ready to go home! I adore my kids though and I'm going to miss seeing them everyday. I'm sure I won't have too much time to dwell on that once Jaudrey is here :)

Oh, and I totally peed a little when I sneezed today. I was completely mortified, but at least it was in the privacy of my own home. Gotta love it!


Jenn said...

Ha! The funny thing is, everyone keeps warning me about the sneeze and pee thing, but it hasnt happened yet...It is good to know that it happens to normal every day ladies :)

Shannon said...

Awww, peeing when you sneeze. One of the un-told "joys" of pregnancy :)

LDRN said...

Just a little input from an L&D nurse about what to pack for yourself, DH, and lil' bit:

Supportive bras (at least 2) or BF tanks (I loved these), and a few pairs of underwear (I loved the mesh ones @ the hospital--you could throw them away & not worry about getting them yucky)
a couple of changes of clothes (you probably won't want to change directly from your gown into clean clothes until you are able to shower--a few hours after birth, or several if you get an epidural)
socks, flip flops (for the shower), and slippers
Boppy pillow & maybe a pillow from home

a few changes of clothes (in case he gets yucky)
sweatshirt/pants (b/c labor makes you have hot flashes & you'll have them after delivery)
snacks & money for the vending machine

Outfits, if you choose to have him/her wear some (including an outfit for pictures & going home)
Car seat
toiletry kit (including fingernail clippers)
socks & mittens & hats
Baby book

(Misc items)
Camera (duh!)
camcorder (if you want)
dvds (if they have a dvd player, or you could bring your own)
phone list
laptop (provided they have wireless access)

This sounds like a lot, but you can divide it into two bags & a toiletry bag--one for L&D and one for postpartum. Your DH can exchange them after you deliver...