Friday, January 30, 2009

boo yah!

I've gotten a lot of mixed comments as to who Audrey looks like. So of course I decided to go scientific and use the Look-a-like meter! I'm very happy with the results:

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

But who do you think she looks like?


caroline said...

She def has your eyes but I'm afraid to say I think she has Chris's everything else! : ) But fortunately eyes are usually the take all when it comes to who the baby looks like.

Shannon said...

I agree she does have your eyes...and a bit of Chris as well. But every time I see a picture of her I think how much she looks like you!

Lauren said...

I think she has your eyes and chin, but she's definitely her father's daughter! I've heard that most babies resemble their father's when they're first born, but then as they get older they start to look more like their mother. I think that's been the case for my little guy anyway!

Ringmaster said...

Thanks for the comment, I didn't know ya'll had a blogger too, I must start following :) Audrey is adorable -- I must say she seems to resemble her daddy more, but apparently it's natures way of making daddies claim their babies, b/c duh, you gave birth, she's OBVIOUSLY yours . . . so the dad's need some reassurance, atleast that's what I've heard. Hailey is Karl's double, although she's looking ever so slightly more like me.