Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear Audrey,

You are 10 weeks old, almost 11. I think you need to start sleeping through the night. This waking up at 1 am and then cat napping the rest of the night is unacceptable. Didn't you get the hint when I fell asleep on the floor of your bedroom while playing "Pop Out the Pacifier"? Momma needs more sleep! Momma needs sleep period. K thanks.

Love, Momma


Shannon said...

Awww that was too cute to read !lol
I hope you get some much needed sleep soon:-(

Jenn said...

I could have written this EXACT post!

H*E*E said...

I wish you the best!

Ringmaster said...

Hahahaha, sorry, that's so not funny b/c I've been there done that, but your post was adorable, in fact I think you may have inspired a post of my own -- thanks!! Oh and hang in there, she'll sleep through the night at some point, and then stop, and start, stop and start, I'm still battling it and Hailey is 10 months, welcome to the motherhood!!!