Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So strong!

This kid is ridiculously strong for her age. Her new favorite thing is to stand straight up when you're trying to burp her:

she starts sitting down, but it's not long until..

...she springs up to action!

And she rolled over again yesterday morning during tummy time. TWICE!


caroline said...

Jacob loved standing up from really early on too. You should break out the exersaucer or jumperoo if her head is stable enough. Every time I look at pictures I wish we lived closer so we could see her!

Leanne said...

Isn't that so amazing! Lucas LOVES to stand, too! He's actually happiest when he's standing, especially these days since he can look around at more things! Audrey is just so precious and very strong! :)

Jenn said...

Yes, my little Emma Kate is doing exactly this! If I try and burp her over my shoulder, she starts craning her neck up and bounces it around like a little turtle. It is so funny. We dont have any rolling over just yet. Your little Audrey has a great personality

Lauren said...

Philip was the same way when he was Audrey's age. But I warn you, once he learned how to stand, he never was happy sitting again! LOL